Election 2015

Election 2015

Let's Move Forward

Mount Pearl North is a community of amazing people that deserve real change and passionate representation. Help Steve be that change.

Steve Kent will bring new health care services to Mount Pearl

Every week, people from all over the Northeast Avalon travel to Eastern Health’s Major’s Path facility in the east end of St. John’s for routine blood work, critical screening procedures, and even to try to grow their families.

Access to the Major’s Path facility can be a challenge for people in our area, particularly seniors, people with mobility issues, and those who rely on public transit. A round trip taxi fare from the Mount Pearl area to the east end of St. John’s can be an unwelcome expense for anyone. An alternative to Major’s Path would help people better access medical services.

If re-elected, Steve Kent will secure a public clinic in Mount Pearl similar to the Major’s Path facility. A likely location for the clinic is in space Eastern Health is already leasing at Mount Pearl Square. It would provide services like blood collection, breast screening, fertility clinic, community health, diabetes programs, dermatology, and more. Access to these services would be brought right to Mount Pearl, for the benefit of all west end residents.

Mount Pearl Square is served by two bus routes and is a much shorter taxi ride for residents in our area. It is more easily accessible to Mount Pearl and the west end.

“Mount Pearlers and other west end residents shouldn’t have to travel to the east end of St. John’s for these community health services. Having these vital services in Mount Pearl will help ensure better health care for all our residents in the area. The added bonus of having a second facility in the area is reduced wait times for all residents, too.”

If Steve and the PC team are re-elected, this clinic will become a reality.

Editorial: Change for the sake of change?

Eight years ago, Steve Kent was elected the Member of the House of Assembly for Mount Pearl North. Working for, and working with, the people of Mount Pearl North is truly a privilege; one he takes very seriously.

Throughout his eight years as your representative, Steve has held a number of additional roles in Government, the most recent ones being Deputy Premier and Minister of Health and Community Services. No matter what his role, Steve’s always been there for Mount Pearl first.

Steve Kent is always accessible, and he enjoys helping constituents wherever possible.

Steve also takes great pride in fighting for Mount Pearl. As Deputy Mayor and Mayor, he fought, albeit unsuccessfully, to get Brookfield Plains and Southlands back from St. John’s. These areas are part of our community already, and are in St. John’s in name only. He also fought against forced amalgamation of Mount Pearl with St. John’s. It was the previous Liberal government that took away these neighbourhoods from Mount Pearl, and it was the same Liberal government that pushed the amalgamation agenda. Today, Steve is part of a government with a “No Forced Amalgamation” policy. The City of Mount Pearl is safe in our current government’s hands. And Steve Kent will continue to stand up for our community and our future.

Very soon, you will once again be asked to make a choice. You’ll hear from different candidates during this campaign, and you will hear about change. Be cautious – some are pushing change just for the sake of change. That’s not how your representative in government should be chosen. Results count, and Steve has delivered results for Mount Pearl. There has been growth, prosperity, and constant changes. Steve Kent represents real change and real progress. He has secured funding for recreational facilities like the Summit Centre and the new Campia Gymnastics facility. Roads have been improved and schools are being renovated and expanded. Mount Pearl is a great place to raise a family, and it’s also a great place for seniors to retire. We have a fine community spirit and identity, and Steve Kent will continue to do his part to keep that alive. There’s always much work to be done, and Steve is dedicated to continually improving Mount Pearl and area. That’s the kind of change you can believe in.

Please re-elect Steve Kent as your Member of the House of Assembly. He is deeply rooted in Mount Pearl, and he is in for the long haul. Keep Steve Kent’s youthful energy working for you. He’s focused on the future, and he will always be on your side.

On November 30th, stick with Steve.